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* A 'Job Blast' is Unnati's proprietary method of advertising jobs to hundreds of workers within minutes.
Small Business
(Hires 1 worker per month)
INR 1000
INR 500*
* 50% Inaugral Discount (Limited period)
1 Job Blast
Advertise job to unlimited workers
1 month validity
Medium Business
(Hires 5 to 10 workers per month)
INR 4500
INR 2250*
* 50% Inaugral Discount (Limited period)
5 Job Blasts
Advertise jobs to unlimited workers
3 month validity
(Hires 10+ workers per month)
INR 8000
INR 4000*
* 50% Inaugral Discount (Limited period)
10 Job Blasts
Advertise jobs to unlimited workers
6 month validity
Pricing FAQs
What is a Job Blast?
A 'Job Blast' is Unnati's proprietary method of advertising jobs to workers. Unnati automatically creates an audio message for your job. Unnati advertises your job by broadcasting this message to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of suitable workers via automated phone calls within minutes. We call this a 'Job Blast'.
How many Job Blasts should I buy?
The more Job Blasts you buy at one time, the lesser each Job Blast will cost you. However, you should choose the number of Job Blasts to buy based on the number of workers you hire every month. For example, if you hire more than 10 workers every month, you should maximize your ROI by purchasing the Enterprise package of 10 Job Blasts. But if you hire only 1 worker every month, you should buy the Small Business package of 1 Job Blast.
Once I have purchased a Job Blast, can I get a refund?
No. Once you purchase a Job Blast, we will unable to refund the amount. However, if you wish to extend the validity period of the Job Blasts you have purchased, do call us at +91 99583 18555.
Is my credit card / netbanking information secure?
Yes. Unnati does not store your debit card, credit card or netbanking information. All payments are made through PayU Biz, one of India's leading payment gateways.